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  • How do I place an order?
    - If you wish to order meals you select from a menu: Click on "Menus", select the menu you want and then click on "Order now". If you wish to get in touch with a private chef to design meal specifically for you: Click on "Private chef service", and then click on "Get started".
  • Do I have to commit to a subscription?
    Absolutely not! You can order whenever you need meals, as frequently as you wish!
  • Is there a menu I can choose my meals from?
    Yes, we have several menus on our website: low FODMAP menu, gluten & dairy-free menu, SIBO menu, AIP menu. Please contact us to for more options.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement per delivery?
    Yes, to remain as eco friendly as possible we decided to set a minimum of 4 meals per delivery.
  • My partner and I both want to order, do we need to place our orders separately?
    No, you can place one order for both of you! In the order form, we ask for your requirements, there, you can explain that you want meals for two people and give us each of your requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information:
  • How much does it cost?
    Meal selection from a menu: If you select your meals from a menu, we charge £8 per meal and £6 per delivery. Private chef service: - Half a week (5 meals/week, 1 delivery/week) =£56/week or £200/month - Full week (10 meals/week, 2 deliveries/week) =£112/week or £400/month
  • How does payment work?
    We offer a safe payment method through PayPal or Stripe. If you select your meals from a menu, you pay directly through Stripe when submitting your order. If you go for the private chef service: 1) You submit your order 2) A chef will have a look at your requirements and get in touch by email to confirm your order and arrange payment.
  • Where do you source your food from?
    We use a wide variety of ingredients coming from premium local suppliers that you can find here. You will feel the difference!
  • How do I store my meals?
    The meals must be refrigerated immediately below 5°C on the day of delivery. We recommend you to eat your meals before the use-by date or freeze them and consume them within a month.
  • How long do the meals last?
    Your meals are cooked without preservatives and delivered fresh, therefore you can eat them up to 4 days after the cooking day. All meals are labelled with their use-by date to make it easy for you. If you are planning on eating them after the use-by date, please freeze them and consume them within a month.
  • How will I know what each meal contains?
    All meals are labelled to help you select the meal that best fits your hunger! On the labels you will find: - Your name - All ingredients and each ingredient's weight - Reheating instructions - Use-by date
  • How to reheat the meals?
    Just peel back the film and remove the sauce pot (if any), then microwave for 3 minutes, or heat in the oven for 10-25 minutes at 180°C, until piping hot. Enjoy :)
  • What if I have allergies or intolerances?
    Meal selection from a menu: You can find all the ingredients on the description of each meal. We also ask you if you have allergies or intolerances when you order as a fail-safe. Private chef service: All meals are designed specifically for you, from scratch. Let us know about your allergies or intolerances and we will make sure not to include them in the meals we design for you. We also have experience catering to clients that can't go over a certain amount of specific ingredients like the low FODMAP diet. You are in the right hands!
  • Do you cater for gluten-free or dairy-free diets?
  • Do you cater for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians?
  • Do you offer halal food?
    Yes, through the private chef service. However, since we need to make a special order for Halal meat, the price per meal will be slightly higher. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • What if there are issues with my meals?
    If you face any issues with the meal prep service, you can email us at between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week, for replies within two hours. Client satisfaction is our priority.
  • What days do you deliver?
    Fresh meals: In London (Within the M25), we deliver on Sundays or Sundays & Wednesdays, depending on the number of meals per week you need. In mainland UK (Outside of the M25), we deliver on Wednesdays for now, stay tuned for more delivery options soon. Frozen meals: In London (Within the M25), we deliver on Saturdays or Tuesdays between 6pm and 9pm.
  • What areas do you deliver to?
    Fresh meals We deliver all over mainland UK. Frozen meals We deliver in London within the M25.
  • How will my meals be delivered?
    Fresh meals: If you live within the M25, your parcel will be delivered by Ecosystem Logistics couriers. They will message you on the morning of the delivery to notify you of your estimated arrival time and tracking details. We also have a premium delivery option with a driver going straight from the kitchen to your door between 6pm and 9pm. If you live outside of the M25, your parcel will be delivered by DHL couriers. You can download the DHL app for easy access to your delivery information. They will message you on the morning of delivery to notify you of your estimated arrival time and tracking details. Frozen meals: If you live within the M25, your parcel will be delivered with a courier from our kitchen straight to your door between 6pm and 9pm.
  • What if I'm not going to be home?
    Your meals are delivered in insulated packaging keeping them fresh for 24 hours, so they can safely wait for you until you get home. On the day of delivery, you will receive a text message and you will have the option to leave your delivery in a safe place or with a neighbour. If left in a safe place, a picture of the location will be sent to you via text message.
  • How does my food stay cool?
    All your meals are packed with special ice packs and insulation, so your food stays cool until you get home.
  • Can I recycle my packaging?
    Our packaging is entirely recyclable. Food containers are manufactured from 95% sustainable paper-based materials and our sauce pots are made from a renewable plant-based material. In addition, on your second order, we can retrieve all your delivery packaging if you leave it in front of your door so we can re-use it and avoid any waste!
  • How do I contact Customer Care?
    If you have any questions, you can reach our customer care team at
  • I want to become a partner, what do I do?
    Please contact Leon (, he will be thrilled to explain how we can work with you to design and deliver meals that perfectly fit the diet you create for your clients.
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