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IMS of Smithfield

Over the last 40 years, IMS of Smithfield has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of meat. They provide our delicious, naturally-fed meat.

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Paradise Seafood

“Focused around the gourmet seafood division, our portfolio ranges from premium restaurants to high-end hotels, caterers and now also working with Premier League training grounds.”

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County supplies

“At County Supplies we hand select our products daily because it has to look, feel, smell and taste great. That’s why our sustainable produce is served in some of London’s finest restaurants and at high-profile events such as the BAFTAs.”

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Novato Packaging

Novato packaging supply our food trays that are made from 95% sustainable paper-based materials and have a natural look and feel.

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Infinity foods

Infinity Foods is one of the UK's leading national and international distributors of high quality, organic, biodynamic, fair trade and natural products. 

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Vegware is manufacturing the world's best eco products since 2006 and supply our sauce pots.
Their products are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials.

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