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Why us

Trusted by experts all around the UK


We design and deliver meals on behalf of nutrition professionals all over the UK. If you are coached by a nutrition expert, we can work with them to design what is best for you.

Ask your nutrition coach! They may already be one of our partners.

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Healthy and tasty


Our chefs work their magic, using natural and unprocessed ingredients, to cook meals that are full of flavour.

All our recipes are low in salt and saturated fat: no butter, no cream, and healthy oils only.


Huge variety

Our chefs use seasonal ingredients and have 100+ healthy recipes at their disposal. You will consistently get new exciting ingredients and recipes to enjoy. All our ingredients are locally sourced from our suppliers.

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Our packaging is entirely recyclable. Food containers are manufactured from sustainable paper-based materials and our sauce pots are made from a renewable plant-based material. In addition, we can retrieve all the packaging sent if you leave it in front of your door when we deliver you!


Bespoke meals

Simply tell us about your diet or send us a menu that has been designed for you. Our chefs will design meals that perfectly fit your needs, using foods you love! 

Each meal matches your food preferences, diet restrictions, and health requirements. Get ready for a life-changing experience.

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